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Deep Affection

It is the release of their debut album Deep Affection that will mark their true musical introduction to the universe. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Adopting a more Soul, R&B and Smooth jazz sound. 

In early March 2015 Siel began to work and recorded their first album and their debut CD project ‘Deep Affection’ will be released on February 2016. They have been on the lookout for aspiring musical talent seeking to conquer the music business and live stages. Beginning of March 2015 Siel plans to tour and booked for concerts in Music Festivals to promote their newly finished project.

So take a musical journey with SIEL delivering outstanding musical performances and experience a sound and energy you won’t soon forget.


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Cathy with a degree in Physical Therapy, coming from a musical family left the profession as music calling was too strong. She has developed her singing talent by joining various bands and has been performing for quite some time in different countries and cities abroad such as Seychelles, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, India etc…2002-2010 she was touring Asia with musicians from Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, China. Through these experiences she has exposed herself to different kinds of audiences and genres which has greatly affected her musical career. Strong soulful vocal capacity which can handle a variety of songs and projects well on stage.


Listening to music, Modern guitarist, lyricist, arranger, and composer/producer Mohamad Ritman. Completely immersed and involved in every single detail of the music and the recording process, from the birth of an idea until its completion. He started playing the guitar since he was 10 and began to perform professionally at 16 years old. Ritman took an interest in music and formed his own band to develop his skills as a guitarist. As a professional guitarists he has already traveled to many different countries. During that time he also did a lot of arranging and producing. He has often incorporated elements of Contemporary Jazz, R&B and Funk music.

A Music Arranger, pianist and keyboardist. Widely considered one of the most influential musician in the scenes. Played in few Asia's countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, China, Macau, Philippine and Malaysia and also played together with some of the big names in Jazz, R&B and Pop industry. He is capable of giving his audience a fine time listening to his renditions of exquisite sound. He is very lively on stage and interacts with his audiences very well on and off the stage.


He began playing an Indian traditional percussion known as “tabla” practically from infancy at the age of four. He plays tabla with western drumming, which consists of a
unique hybrid East-West drum set up.
As a composer and songwriter himself Stan is sensitive towards the music that he plays, Blending Asian and Western music which makes him a unique drummer. Unlike anything else, he plays various kinds of music
from ethnic to modern music being the only one of its kind.


As a modern bassist with a heart and soul his life devoted to the art of electric bass, He puts his heart into every note he plays and walks up and down his bass guitar with his natural flow of spirited-musicianship. He plays a very important role which allows Siel to share their artistry and exciting musical adventure with a great contemporary groove style with traces of jazz.