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Deriolama was born in Kuala Lumpur, multi-talented band that plays a wide range of music. They are quite famous for being outrages on stage and noted for getting the audiences involved in their performance. They were also given Honours to perform in many functions and concerts. They all shared a love of diverse styles of music. Though perhaps best known for their Smooth jazz influences drawn from mostly R&B, Soul, funk, Rock and pop.  The music was all about surprise through improvisation and subsequent development of those spontaneous ideas and full of energy music, that the audience will inevitably want to jump up & dance sing along. They have always created beautiful music together wherever they perform. Shows throughout Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, India, and China. Their exquisite talent & experiences gained through the years made them what they are today, professional entertainment artistes.

Deriolama 4 piece, This group is composed of one female front liner with Three male as their rhythm section. They create easy listening music and wide repertoire varies from Standard, Soul and Top Forties. Their experience in the local scene has trained them to perform and handle different kinds of crowd.




Cathy has developed her singing talent joining various bands and performing for quite some time in different countries abroad. Through these experiences she has exposed herself to different kinds of audiences which has greatly affected her musical career. She has that friendly personality which makes a person feel at ease on and off stage. Strong soulful  vocal capacity which can handle a variety of songs very good and projects well on stage. This talented singer has been singing professionally for quite sometime. She starts performing professionally at a tender age.




Listening to music, Modern guitarist, Programmer and composer/producer Mohamad Ritman. He started playing the guitar since he was 10 and began to perform professionally at 16 years old. Ritman took an interest in music and formed his own band to developing his skills as a guitarist. As a professional guitarists he has already traveled to different countries performing in various hotels. During that time he also did a lot of arranging and producing. He has often incorporated elements of Jazz/Funk, pop, rock, blues, Latin and Brazilian music with jazz




He is the man who gives the groove to the band who provides very steady and consistent bass work in their every performance.  He is one of the respected greatest bass players in KL, likewise very disciplined in his practices to produce the sound of music that is loved by their audiences wherever they go. This fine gentleman has been performing professionally for more than fifteen years now. He has performed in many top class lounges,  jazz clubs, showtheatres and hotels.



He began playing an Indian traditional percussion known as “tabla” practically from infancy at the age of four. He plays tabla with western drumming, which consists of a unique hybrid East-West drum set up. As a composer and songwriter himself Stan is sensitive towards the music that he plays, Blending Asian and Western music which makes him a unique drummer. Unlike anything else, he plays various kinds of music from ethnic to modern music being the only one of its kind.


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